Unique and exclusive team experience

Collective creativity and fast adaptation to face new challenges

New kind of interactions between the attendees

Proud to be a team ambassador and bring team cohesion

Promoting and valuing pleasure at the center of teamwork

TOGETHER as a common vision

Breaking barriers to reinforce the ties

Always tailor-made to meet any requirements and goals.

Some of the workshops can be combined if time, location, group size and budget allow

For very special requirements not covered by our existing workshops,
we can easily develop your own and exclusive one:


1H TO 2H

To create group cohesion & start building on cooperation  and efficient communication reflexes.


90 MIN

To create cohesion, fun and work project management in a new, innovative and stimulating way


45 - 60 MIN

To free energies and bring the group together around a unique and creative hymn


45 - 60 MIN

To have technical talent supporting creativity and cohesion


45 - 60 MIN

To personify the movie star in you,  improve your creativity and your team spirit


2H - 4H

To stimulate ability, agility, perseverance, skill sharing


45 - 60 MIN

To enjoy a creative and artistic moment with your team and build a masterpiece


45 - 60 MIN

To enjoy a creative and artistic moment with your team and build your masterpiece/grafitti


30 - 60 MIN

To free you creativity on a surprising material and a fashion show




Fashion Director

CHANEL Middle East & India 


Marketing Manager

CHANEL Middle East & India

The team was very professional and accompanied CHANEL well in our requests and needs for this seminar. We had a specific brief and ideas in mind for our workshops, and the CE team managed to adapt to our vision and create a good energy in the Fashion team, making sure the whole experience was smooth.

Working with Culture Emulsion was an interesting experience for us as they brought the theatrical world to us, as we created a link with the client servicing and the theatrical environment.