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What we call teambuilding, is all the activities encouraging people from a same team to bond. It is usually, informal activities, using teamwork and cooperation in a new context, outside of the company.

Thanks to teambuilding, colleagues get to know each other in a different light, and better than “Charles from accounting” or “Farida from communication”. Teambuilding activities, when done right, have an impact on workplace living conditions and company results.

Develop your soft-skills through empowering and engaging theatrical techniques

We’ve all heard about these never-ending days with activities such as sack race, egg-in-the-spoon race or laser-tag (ok, we admit, laser-tag is awesome … but with your co-workers, seriously?). We’ve also heard the feedback of the people taking part in these teambuilding… “Well, it was fun, but we wondered what we were actually doing here all day long

Teambuilding activities are principally slightly offset activities, enabling the development of skills such as communication, programming, problem solving and conflict management. For teams, it is also the good moment to grow common ideas and build professional relationships, favorable to the company. What if, we told you that we know a solution that has all the perks of the teambuilding, and yet none of the WTF moments. “Ok, so the boss just got shot and eliminated by Khaled, he doesn’t seem to be very happy about that…

Culture Emulsion offers a large array of tailor-made solutions, all based on theatrical techniques and improvisation. Check out our brochure

Instead of colleagues competing against each other, let them create together.

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