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GIFT CARDS : Offer happiness !

Every year, it gets more difficult : find the perfect gift for someone who has “everything”. What if this year you offered an experience, more than an object (that will be resold on Dubizzle soon enough)? What if you offered an emotional gift, more than a material one?

What if you simply offered happiness ?

72% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than on material belongings (according to a Harris Group study). The thing is, it isn’t limited to millennials. A 20-year study by Dr. Thomas Gilovich (psychology professor at Cornell University) found out that this assumptions applies to everyone.

This study proves that once all basic needs have been met, money only increase happiness to a certain point for the following reasons.

1. Happiness over material items doesn’t last.

New things are exciting at first, but then we adapt to them. Once they become part of our day-to-day life, the excitement fades away. This phenomenon is called hedonic adaptation.

2. Possessions don’t contribute to social relationships while experiences do.

“We consume experiences directly with other people,” says Gilovich. “And after they’re gone, they’re part of the stories that we tell to one another.”

3. Experiences unveil a whole new world.

Unlike objects, experiences introduce you to new perspectives, new life lessons. Even if the experience doesn’t completely fulfill your expectations, you’ll walk away better, having learnt something new.

4. It’s not fun keeping up with the Joneses.

“The tendency of keeping up with the Joneses tends to be more pronounced for material goods than for experiential purchases,” says Gilovich. For a simple reason : This is because, it’s easier to compare material goods than experiences. Spending money on experiences can decrease this envious behavior, which means that we’ll be healthier and happier in the end.

So, are you ready to offer happiness ?

Culture Emulsion enables it by launching its gift cards, with offers as various as fun !

Improv with friends One 2H session – 10 to 25 people – 2000 AED birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc

DJ classes 10 sessions of 1H – 1 person – 1850 AED

Public speaking 5 sessions of 90min – 1 person – 2250 AED

All packages are available in English and in French.

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